Curious About Speckles

15 Dec '18
For a long time now I've been wanting to learn a bit more about Speckle Park, and last week I was able to leverage my wife's love of Australian wineries to inspect the herd at Hanging Rock Winery and Speckle Park Stud.

Comment: The speckle park bulls on show were all big bodied and well muscled, frame scores between 5.5 and 6 to my eye. One opportunity I see with SP bulls would be providing an alternate avenue in adding carcass to english cattle without the IMF loss that typically comes with euro cattle.
Comment: The breed composition of Speckle Park should provide all the tools necessary to adapt to ever changing backgrounder and processor requirements. In this case the Angus influence has produced a solid black animal with higher fat cover yet retaining that heavy muscle seen throughout the herd.
Comment: The cows on show were consistenly big bodied, well muscled attractive cattle with very modest fat cover despite being on the tail end of spring.
Comment: Lavender was very eye catching in the paddock, and earlier that day had been crowned as silver in the Speckle Park Breeder Champion of the World competition.
Contributed by James Cullis

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