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Farm Setup
1. If you're creating a farm from scratch, first click the 'Add' button from the farm list screen immediately after login. Otherwise, skip to step 2.
2. Once you see the 'New Farm' screen, fill out the form and press 'Save'.
  1. The balance view refers to a quick balance visible on the finances button on the dashboard.
  2. Area type and weight type is the default unit of measure for the farm, this can be changed at any time.
  3. Paddock / Pasture Logic is a automation feature available to business users, it tracks animals as they rotate paddocks / pastures. At least two paddocks / pastures are required for this feature to work and it will automatically create breeding and weaning records.
  4. Active species allows you to specify only the species you manage, this will customize the app to best fit your situation.
Nb. The farm name and country are required fields, and you'll also need to select at least one species that you manage.
3. Once the farm has been saved, you'll be taken to the farm overview screen where you can review the settings and make further changes to related farm settings like businesses, locations, users and integrations.
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