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1792 - Show-Me-Select (Palmyra, MO) - Palmyra, MO
Market information provided by USDA
04 Jun '22
Coordinated by: Northeast Missouri Beef Cattle Improvement Association in cooperation with Missouri Show-Me-Select Heifers, Inc, University of Missouri Extension, MU College of Veterinary Medicine, Missouri Cattlemen's Association, F & T Livestock Market in Palmyra, and Missouri Department of Agriculture. All Heifers in the sale have met minimum standards for reproductive soundness, pelvic size, body condition and weight. A comprehensive immunization program has been followed including Brucellosis calf-hood vaccination and tested negative for BVD-PI. Heifers were bred to bulls meeting strict calving ease requirements with many synchronized and artificially bred. Projected calving dates were given for all lots with the heifers expected to calve from late August thru October. The offering was screened for blemishes, muscle thickness, frame, body condition score (BCS), and disposition by a final screening committee comprised of official graders from the Missouri Department of Agriculture and USDA, then sorted into lots according to calving dates and body type similarity. A light crowd was on hand as several days of dry weather had most area farmers paired up with a tractor. However, the buyers that did show up came to do business and the demand was good. The 93 heifers came from 10 consignors, sold in 31 lots, and averaged 2080.00 per head. This was 230.00 per head higher than last years spring average.
Replacement Cattle
BRED HEIFERS - Large 1-2
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BRED HEIFERS - Medium and Large 1-2
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